Emily Michelson

Workshops and Mentorships


1:1 Mentorships


Emily offers a mentorship program for up and coming photographers, which includes the following: One to two day sessions. Covering business basics. Advice on attracting the right clients and getting jobs you want to shoot. Finding a  social media marketing plan that suites business.  She will teach about model and styling direction. With a customized styled shoot tailored to your goals as a photographer. Answering questions on hybrid photography and editing technique. This will also include a brand and portfolio review.


"Instruction for photographers through practical sketchbook envisioning and a focus on self-identification."  Bare Process is about you. It’s about learning how to create. We instruct you through sketchbook learning. This allows you to show your ideas and how they were created in order to understand yourself as an artist. Offered in the Canadian Rockies & Toronto, Canada