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Wintry Home Engagement


Ashlynn & Josh 

I visited Ashlynn and Josh's new cozy apartment in Toronto. These two are avid travelers and are the proud owner of a cute little pug. Josh proposed in Iceland on the beach and Ashlynn had no idea. We went through old photos of when they were dating. You can tell Josh adores her. I can't wait to shoot their September wedding.  

Engagement Story: 

Engagement story:We were on day 4 of our 8 day impromptu adventure through Iceland. We had spent the day on a road trip from our cottage in Geysir to the black sand beaches of Reynisfjara, near Vik. Just that day we had already visited waterfalls, explored the plane crash site, survived a treacherous drive up a steep cliff, and arrived on the black sand beach to almost no crowds, a light wind, and one of Iceland's famous, hours-long spring sunsets.

Josh had suggested, very casually, the night before we left for Iceland that we should pick up a cheap tripod - unlike on previous trips, he wanted some pictures that weren't a selfie, single-person picture, or that of a (likely poorly executed) stranger! So, our last stop before the airport was to a camera store and a quick lesson on how to set everything up.

We had traveled to Mexico the previous fall, and everyone (including me!) thought we would get engaged while we were away - some going so far as to congratulate us and ask to see the ring when I posted pictures! So, while at the airport, I straight up asked him if I should be nervous for anything on this trip - more just wanting to make sure that we were on the same page and there were no undue expectations. Unbeknownst to me at the time, he told a perfect, straight- and bold-faced lie - and I totally bought it! 

Cut to four days later, and Josh suggests we set up the tripod on the black sand beach - it was a beautiful shot and I didn't think anything of it. After a few different framing attempts (by both of us), Josh asked me to give him a kiss as the timer counted down - and just as the shutter clicked, got down on one knee! I was completely surprised, immediately started crying, and (according to Josh!) asked if it was real about five times before saying yes!

He managed to get the perfectly-timed shot, the perfect ring, and pull off a complete surprise - not easy to do when you've been together for over nine years and in a different country!

Now we are just about seven months from our September wedding, and will be getting married just two days after our ten year anniversary.

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