Emily Michelson


Meghan & Joshua


Published on The White Wren
"Our story is not ultra romantic or extraordinary. We met in an ordinary way and went on dates like ordinary people, we live in an ordinary city and lead pretty ordinary lives. We don't go on extravagant adventures or go skydiving or rock climbing or eat chocolate croissants in Paris. When I think about mine and Josh's relationship, one word comes to mind - "simple". Our relationship is not always exciting. Sometimes it's way too much Netflix and just the right amount of pizza. Sometimes it's playing golf in our bedroom or having water fights in the bathroom. Sometimes it's essays and midterms and crying and hugging and venting and sleeping and praying together. It's finding so much joy in the simplest things in life because I'm doing it all with HIM. And I'd pick doing the dishes with him over travelling to Paris without him any day"