Emily Michelson


El Matador Beach, Malibu


Kyril & Brianna

Exactly 3 years ago, Kyril and I took our first trip to Malibu. At that time, we were at the very beginning stages of our relationship. Our two best friends were getting married and they had invited us to LA to take their engagements by the beach. Little did I know… but it would be that trip that I truly fell for my future husband.

On our first day at the beach Kyril pulled me into the ocean and I stubbed my two toes. He felt so bad and spent the evening carrying me to and from the car wherever we’d go. It was so romantic. We were still in school at the time and he would always have a lot of homework to finish at night, but he would always put spending time with me first. We’d end the night with him tucking me in and then going to his room to stay up late finishing assignments. He was the perfect boyfriend and we weren’t even official.

El Matador has always held a special place in my heart and that was the only place I imagined taking our friends engagement photos.  It was the perfect cloudy Sunday morning and we had the whole beach to ourselves. We had planned to go to church after so Kyril was in his Sunday best. I couldn’t help but occasionally take a photo of him looking so dapper. I was wearing jeans and a T-shirt(my classic shooting attired) and I by the end of the shoot I had completely soaked my jeans from the waves. I brought a skirt to change into, but I didn’t realize we would only have time to change on the beach. I put the skirt over my jeans and it was at this point that I realized it was going to be very difficult to remove my wet jeans.

I asked Kyril to help me and before I knew it he was at my ankles pulling my wet jeans off. Little did we know our friends were off in the distance taking photos of Kyril in a questionable situation. 1 year later, our friend Jimmy wrote in our wedding sign-in book, “I always knew you two were going to get married the moment Kyril took your pants off at the beach.” We then drove to church with my pants out the window drying in the wind. It was the perfect ending to our first of many trips to Malibu together.


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