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Family Grouping Form - Wedding DAY


Family Grouping Form template


Tips before filling out : Keep it simple. List the most important images. Avoid repeating shots. Grouping all extended family together, can cut down on time. Putting names is super helpful as well as relation. Once your form is filled out we will review and organize for a smooth family photo part of your wedding day

Name *
Please note that this can take alot of time, be sure to have this done right after the ceremony. Example: with Brides Side with Grooms Side (You don't need to list names)
Example: With Bride and Grooms: Each set of Grandparents (Please list each name and relation) with Brides: Mom ( Paula) and Dad (Tom) with Brides: Mom, Dad and Siblings ( Sam, Simon and Linda) with Brides: Mom, Dad, Siblings and Spouses (Sam's Wife: June, Linda's Husband: Thomas & two kids Rachel and Eric) With Bride and Grooms: Parents With Grooms: Mom (Debbie) and Dad (William) With Grooms: Mom, Dad and Sibling(s) (Kaden and Mark) With Grooms: Mom, Dad, Siblings and Spouses ( Kaden's wife Sierra)
Example: with: Mom (Paula) with: Dad (Tom) with: Grandma Moms side ( Lane)
Example with: Mom (Debbie) with: Dad (William) with: Brothers (Kaden & Mark)